Bring the family

Stories written by 2 families on the rails

Dreaming of a family holiday? Travelling with a Eurail or Interrail Pass is a truly unique experience for people of any age, including families with young children. The comfortable and spacious trains, the ever-changing scenery, the lack of air turbulence - all of these factors ensure you will have a worry-free family holiday that you will remember for a lifetime. If you're still not convinced enough, you may find the 2 stories below about families and their rail adventures rather intriguing. Who knows, maybe your next Christmas gift could be a Eurail/Interrail Pass?

Yamila, Marcelo and Sofia

"We are Yamila, Marcelo and Sofia and we love to travel as a family around the world. Visiting part of Europe together as a family has been a great adventure for us. We travelled through a large number of cities, places and landscapes, and, as Argentines, we were happy to be able to go between countries with just a few hours on the train! We found that the comfort of a train is unbeatable. We like to travel on the huge train network in Europe because it is comfortable, fast and safe. When travelling with a little girl, we try not to waste time on airport boardings or take more time sitting on a bus. That’s why we thought that travelling by train would be the best option, and we were not wrong… Sofia drew at the train tables, ate, played and slept in the seats, even in those that were less comfortable! By using the Eurail Pass with the Rail Planner app, we were able to plan the trains to take, knowing in which cases a prior reservation had to be made. In addition, with the Pass we were able to make trips within cities, as well as between cities and countries. Without a doubt, we recommend that if a family wants to visit a large number of cities and countries in Europe, that they do it by train with Eurail/Interrail. You have comfort and speed at your fingertips."

Follow more of their adventures via their Instagram account! @elmundoanuestropies_

The Backpacking Family

It all started with a birthday wish: “I know what I want for my 50th!”. Pedro chose a family Interrail trip as an unforgettable present, and we were delighted with the idea! With 2 teenagers (Aitana, 16, and Nicolas, 15), a holiday outside of our comfort zone sounded like a great plan. In our mind Interrailing was for young people, but we discovered that there were good prices available for young travellers and families. We decided to go to Central Europe, visiting Prague, Vienna and Budapest (via Geneva), with a 5 day Pass.

As our travel days were limited, we spent a lot of time comparing routes and planning itineraries. We also took some time to book accommodations – better not to improvise too much when you’re far from home. Preparing our luggage was big fun! 4 backpacks, including some gluten free provisions, travel guides and entertainment stuff: books, card games…

We tried to get the most out of our Passes, using a wide variety of trains: from traditional slow trains (14 hours from Barcelona to Geneva), to panoramic ones (Swiss GoldenPass line, Montreux–Interlaken), fast lines (TGV in France) and night trains (Mannheim–Prague). We also experienced train dining, from DIY picnics to restaurant-car menus (excellent gluten-free food in the Prague–Budapest line!).

We spent two amazing weeks! Travelling by train allowed us to enjoy life with a different pace; a slow vacation, with plenty of time to debate, to think, to dream… The experience challenged us with unplanned situations, from train cancellations or last-minute changes, to sudden storms and soaking luggage. Each one was a good lesson! We encourage families to dare to try the Eurail/Interrail experience. There is an amazing Europe to discover from a train window!

Written by Lorena Corfas. Follow her Instagram account to see more of her family's travels! @lorecorfas