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At Eurail, we like to think that we live and breathe travel. So over the past months, we’ve been just as eager as you to travel again in Europe. After plenty of time to dream about destinations and plan a trip, we wondered where our Eurail colleagues would most like to get to. Now that Europe’s borders have started to reopen, we asked four of them to tell us where they will be heading first.

Slavena - Switzerland

After doing a semester abroad in New Zealand, I’ve become even more of a nature lover, so I am always looking for places where you can get lost between thousands of trees and admire the landscape, while still being within reach of supermarkets and restaurants (always a must for a food lover like me). What could be better than little Switzerland, that has managed to fit in so many unbelievably beautiful places?

I can already see myself travelling with the Glacier Express, sitting by the window like a little child, being captivated by the ever-changing scenery. Then waking the next day in a peaceful, little farmhouse, surrounded by animals, and looking at the map to find the next adventure, either on foot or by train. And the best thing about Switzerland… whichever season you go there, it seems you will always be amazed and have an adventure of a lifetime!

Theo - Skåne, Sweden

I’m excited to head to Sweden’s southernmost county, where my sister lives, as soon as it’s possible. I visited once before to see Malmö and the university city of Lund in the winter, but I would love to return in summer or autumn, to experience longer days on the southern coastline. Lomma Beach is a particular gem according to my sister, with white sands, bathing piers and views of Denmark. Alternatively, just south of Lomma there is the modern waterfront of Västra hamnen in Malmö, where you can swim beneath the Turning Torso. The Skåne countryside is also perfect for exploring by bike, with historic buildings, farms and forests scattered across rolling hills. But I’m probably most excited for a reunion with my sister!

Nathalie - Norway

I’ve explored a lot of the southern part of Europe, but the Scandinavian countries have long been on my bucket list. And especially now that I have kids, I think Scandinavia is a very good choice. I would first like to visit Norway. Why? For its stunning nature with jaw-dropping landscapes, of course!

I would like to start in Oslo, to explore its unique architecture, visit some of the many cultural attractions, taste great local food and enjoy the stunning scenery. Then I would take the train to Bergen, which crosses Hardangervidda, Europe’s highest mountain plateau. I have been told that this is one of Europe’s best train journeys! In Bergen I would like to visit one of its surrounding Norwegian Fjords, which are included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. I want to show my kids how beautiful nature is and that we need to take care of it.

Hayden - Split, Croatia

For myself, I have a dream of jumping into crystal clear water, surrounded by an area so unique that all you can think about is how awesome it is to be able to experience the world’s marvels. Such a description matches Split, a true gem on my own bucket list. The city offers everything from dazzling beaches, sculptures and palace ruins (recorded in UNESCO) to wine tasting and youthful activities. A destination like this offers absolute attractiveness because it allows you to experience both a relaxing reset and some adventurous exploring. In the near future I expect to visit Split with my own Eurail/Interrail trip, ensuring it becomes part of my lasting travel memories that I will treasure forever!