Get ready to travel paper-free

Everything you need to know about Eurail's mobile Pass

What is a mobile Pass?

Eurail is always working to make your travel experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. So we are pleased to present our new flexible product, the mobile Pass. As the self-explanatory title gives away, instead of ordering a paper Pass, you now have the option to receive and use your Pass digitally throughout Europe. To make things simple, the new mobile Pass has been integrated with the Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner app, where you can now do everything from viewing rail timetables, to keeping track of your trips and showing mobile tickets for inspection. You no longer need to wait for delivery of your paper Pass before starting your trip. Instead you can easily load your mobile Pass directly onto the Rail Planner app, as soon as you receive your order confirmation email. Perfect for a last-minute trip!

Paper-free and always in your pocket

The ultimate bonus is the absolute convenience the new Pass type offers. It's always on your phone, so you can set off on spontaneous day trips or save money with our Pass discounts and benefits, wherever you are. There’s no longer any need to worry about losing or damaging your Pass. We know your Pass is valuable, so even if you lose your phone while travelling, we will support you by offering a free replacement Pass to upload to a new device.

Quick and easy ticket inspection

Your mobile Pass makes ticket inspection easier than ever. Instead of filling in your paper Travel Diary, you can now simply add journeys from the app’s planner to your mobile Pass before you board. Then show your mobile ticket to the inspector in just a few taps. Super quick and easy, but more so, very satisfying. So do enjoy this luxury when the time comes.

Green for the Win

Although we are excited about releasing our most flexible pass to date, we are also ecstatic to be offering a more eco-friendly Pass option. At Eurail, we always strive to be environmentally conscious. Therefore, we appreciate your support in travelling via train and now potentially with the option of a mobile Pass (instead of paper) when either adventuring or relaxing throughout Europe.

Make use of 2020 to create positive memories

In 2020 the new mobile Pass will be offered exclusively through and But to ensure greater flexibility during these challenging times, you can choose your start date whenever you are ready to travel within 11 months of purchase. You can take this time to plan where your Pass could take you, and when to go, whether you are down for a summer thrill, an autumn express, a winter’s tale or a spring awakening.

How does a mobile Pass work?

All you need is your phone, our Rail Planner app, and an internet connection (at least once every 3 days). Just choose a mobile Pass at checkout, and we'll send you a Pass number in your order confirmation email to load your Pass into the app.

Activating your mobile Pass

Follow the instructions in your order confirmation email to add your Pass to the app and activate it so it's ready for travel. You can do both steps at once, or you can add your Pass to the app and activate it later – it's up to you.

Travelling with your mobile Pass

Use the planner to search for journeys you want to take. Tap to save them to My Trip, where you can see an overview of your travel plans. When you're ready to take a train, tap to add that journey to your Pass, and it will appear on your ticket in My Pass ready for inspection on board.

Start your journey

For more practical information you can use the link below to learn how to load your Pass onto your device and how to get ready before boarding the train