Families on the rails

Get inspired by these throwbacks of traveling families

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Dreaming of a family holiday? Scroll through the memories of families who have gone before with Eurail/Interrail, and you might even get some new travel inspiration. Traveling with a Eurail or Interrail Pass is a truly unique experience for people of any age, including families with young children. The comfortable and spacious trains, the ever-changing scenery, the lack of air turbulence - all of these factors ensure you will have a worry-free family holiday that you will remember for a lifetime. If you're still not convinced enough, below you can find some throwback inspiration from a few of our travelers.

"Family Photo in Prague"❤️

Pass used to travel: Global Pass🌍

"Walking around magical Lake Bled, Slovenia, with my family on Christmas Day was the epitome of all my travel dreams!" ❤️ 🗺️ Travel Itinerary: Germany, Austria, Slovenia

Beautiful #Swiss #scenery 💙 ​🌍 #eurailitinerary: Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands

"Family vacay!"😍 Itinerary: Frankfurt - Wolfsburg - Prague - Vienna - Salzburg📍

"Save more by using a Eurail Pass!"😍

Pass used to travel: 15 Days within 2 Months📍Itinerary: London - Amsterdam - Göttingen - Munich - Zurich - Interlaken - Milan - Venice - Florence - Rome - Madrid - Barcelona - Paris - Loughborough - Liverpool - Manchester 🚂

"Enjoying the sunset in Granada" 😍🌅 ​If you’re planning the ultimate family holiday in Europe, you’ll be spoiled for choice with a Eurail or Interrail Pass. All cities in Europe have activities suited to families, and traveling between them by train will add an extra element of excitement to the journey. 🚂 ​

"Plaza de España in Seville" 😍 ​Pass used to travel: Global Pass ​Trains are the perfect way to travel in #Spain 🚂 The country is filled with lively cities, cultural curiosities, lovely beaches, and great food.

Miroir d'eau📍😍 ​Pass used to travel: Global Pass 🌍 ​#eurailitinerary: London - Paris - Bordeaux - Barcelona - Marseille - St Raphael - Monaco - Genova - Naples - Capri - Rome - Ancona - Split - Ancona - Bologne - Venice - Paris - London 🚂

#Interrailing with kids

Pass used to travel: 🌎 Global Pass 📌 Somewhere in Southern France