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Eurail colleagues share their favorite destinations for 2020

Need some more inspiration to plan your 2020 holidays? Here at Eurail, we don't just manage your Eurail/Interrail Passes, we also get the privilege to travel with them ourselves! Between all of us, we know Europe pretty well - not just the big sights and attractions, but also the best smaller cities, hidden nature and niche events. We asked 5 of our collegaues to share with you their favorite destinations from their European travels that you must visit in 2020. From Mediterranean vistas to small towns buzzing with culture, you are sure to love them.

Theo – Aarhus, Denmark

In Denmark, Copenhagen will always be the coolest of cool. But second-city Aarhus is challenging for its crown. I visited Aarhus on my Interrail Pass trip through Scandinavia’s major cities and it stood out as a hub of creativity, culture and color, despite the constant presence of grey skies. New architectural landmarks, such as the Iceberg housing project and DOKK1 library are bringing the city to life, while attractions such as ARoS art museum, with its iconic Your Rainbow Panorama, allow visitors to share in the city’s vitality. Visit in summer, to enjoy the Aarhus River terrace or find The Infinite Bridge; or visit in winter for a hyggelig Christmas.

Theo inside Your Rainbow Panorama, ARoS, Aarhus

Cityscape of Aarhus in Denmark

Hayden – Gouda, the Netherlands

I would tell anyone that wants to explore Europe to start in the Netherlands. More specifically in Gouda (it’s more than the cheese!). This small quaint town not only has a beautiful historic city hall in the heart of the city but also one of the Netherlands’ largest churches. You can try a different bar or restaurant every evening on the market square. The best part is that Gouda has the perfect location for visiting every other city in the country. Stay in Gouda, then catch the train to bustling cities like Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam in just 20 minutes! A stay in Gouda means you can see the Netherlands’ most touristic cities during the day, then skip their crowded restaurants and bars at night. It’s a win-win!

Hayden cycling in the Netherlands

City hall of Gouda town in the Netherlands

Wilis – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Wilis in Luxembourg city

When planning your next trip, you might not think about the small country of Luxembourg. But it should be on your European bucket list. For a start, you should visit Luxembourg City with its many lovely old quarters and beautiful castles. These historic attractions hold UNESCO World Heritage status and can almost all be easily reached on foot. Highlights include Chemin de la Corniche, known as “Europe’s most beautiful balcony”; and Bock cliff where you can find the famous Casemates underground entrance. To end your day, take a stroll through the old quarter of Luxembourg city and feel its dreamy vibe. Most importantly, thanks to its location between France, Germany and Belgium, you can easily reach Luxembourg City by train.

The old city of Luxembourg city

Dilyana - Marseille, France

Marseille is one of my absolute favorite destinations in Europe that has everything you need – great weather, amazing food and architectural highlights that are not to miss. Especially in summer, the city feels very cozy, with lots of spots that are full of life until late hours. The city is easy to reach by train and is a great hub to take day trips from. If you enjoy hiking, a must-visit and easy to reach by bus from the city center is Calanque de Sugiton – it gives you access to amazing scenery and nice, less crowded beaches.

Dilyana in Notre Dame de la Garde Cathedral in Marseille

Notre Dame de la Garde Cathedral in Marseille

Saint Jean Castle and Cathedral de la Major and the Vieux port in Marseille, France