Stories in a Square

A dose of inspiration from our Instagram community

Whether we are talking Interrailers, who seek to explore the ins and outs of their own continent, or Eurailers, who are always up for an adventure beyond their usual horizons, our community is made up of hundreds of thousands of train travel lovers. While all of them found the most convenience in traveling with our Pass, they all have different itineraries, different reasons for globetrotting and look for different experiences during their journey. To explore their unique stories, we have decided to take a peek, through the medium of Instagram, at the moments during their trip that they want to share with others.

"To be honest we really loved train travel! It allowed us to take in beautiful sites, sit as a family with a table to talk and play games, and see so many cities."

Exploring Schloßbergstraße in the Black Forest town of Schiltach, Germany.

"I challenge you to take a tour of Italy and Europe and not to stay with your nose glued to the window." (translated from Italian)

"Create your own story"

"Everyday life with Interrail."

Giggles in Paris.

"The view outside of the train window as we approach Andermatt is just an absolute storybook. White snowy landscape zooming past as you enjoy the view from the warmth of your carriage."

"Starting to dream of the next Interrail." (translated from Portuguese)

"Drive through Europe." (translated from Norwegian)